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ALPHASTAGE® – Portable stages for special events

Taller, sturdier and more flexible than ever!

Do you remember the time when organization of events was influenced by problems of time and space? That is all over now!

ALPHASTAGE® stages convince the customers all along the line because of their agility, easy handling and time-saving construction without nedding a high number of staff.

If you are planning an event, ALPHASTAGE® is exactly what you need. The sizes of the stages, from 36 to 224 square metre, offer enough room for every kind of event including gigantic rock concerts. With our portable stages we are setting new dimensions of event planning.

Convincing portable stages,
ALPHASTAGE® at platzhirsch

Our portable stages have allready made a good name for oneself in many respects. The ALPHASTAGE® stages are constructed as trailers, so instead of a deposit, they just need a sufficient parking lot. For stages until 60 square metre even a normal car is enough to move the portable stages. All the necessary components, which are essential for the construction (staircase, canopies, pillars, hydraulics etc.), are automatically included.

In our company the aspect of safety is one of the most important topics. Our portable stages consist of a self-controlling trestle with a safety certificate for the base construction. Individual instructions can be ordered for every stage. The delivery includes of course the TÜV-report.

Simple, functional and resistant-
portable stages for various occasions

Simple, flourishless exterior combined with extraordinary technique and functionality- these are our ALPHASTAGE® stages. Thanks to high-quality material the portable stages are equally light and tough, so that you can rely on them even under extreme circumstances. Our stages are undemanding regarding their servicing and their maintenance. ALPHASTAGE® stages are resistant to wind and do not need additional ballast. The stable construction of their roofs serve perfectly for an individual installation of light and sound equipment.

As the German sales partner for EUROPODIUM® the company platzhirsch is more than pleased to gives you advice and information about the portable stages. We would love to help you to find the perfect ALPHASTAGE® for your event. Please don´t hesitate to contact us today and let us make your event unforgettable and successful.

Shouldn´t you find what you need for your event, please contact us by mail, phone or fax. Together we will solve your problem.