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Perfect for sport events, shows and presentations: The ALPHATRIBUNE® -line.

Effective portable tribune systems, which are based on our genius principle of trailer stages to form an optimal complement to our range.

Our tribunes can be acquired with or without roof-construction and they offer space from 122 up to 130 persons. When closed, the tribunes only need a sufficient wide enough parking lot.

Like the smaller stages (36-60 qm) , these stages can be moved by a normal car (off-road vehicle or a pick-up truck), which are usually to find in every commercial or local motor pool.

Because of their quick set-up (approximately one hour) these stage modules are flexible at use and practically unbeatable in their efficiency.

All our stages out of the ALPHATRIBUNE® - series have verifiable statics including the verification of stability.

The delivery includes of course the TÜV-report.

We believe in our products and therefore we give you 3 years of manufacturer´s warranty on the quality of our ALPHASTAGE® stages.

Choose your ALPHATRIBUNE®!