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Open Air Equipment

Stage Barriers to control the crowd at your event

Aluminum crowd barriers constitute an esthetic and professional method of securing mass events. They ensure the perfect control over pressing crowd without any sound disturbances. Fully foldable construction allows maximum place saving during transportation and little weight of the system, which facilitate its use.

The crowd barriers are made of very durable aluminum profiles and aluminum sheets - embossed for the basis of the barrier and perforated for the vertical part of the rail.

Perfect welding of the elements confirmed by the international SLV certificate, TÜV certificate, static calculations and TÜV material attestation ensures unique durability and fastness of the products. Modular system is compatible with all crowd barrier models. Every construction is designed in such a way that after its assembly it takes as little space as possible. The process of unfolding and assembly takes very short time - about 2 minutes. The round top profile guarantees safety and prevents from injures.

Crowd barriers/Stage barriers

Roof systems for your open air stage

platzhirsch offers unique solutions for the roof constructions which guarantee functionality and above all safety protection. We have certificates for all roofs offered by our Company. The main advantages of our roof system are suitable transportation and storage, and quickness of assembly and disassembly. Roof structure elements may be used independently to the other projects as the lighting and sounding constructions.

Offered roofs have modern, elegant appearance, which in combination with lighting and sounding gives extraordinary effects during performances. Whatever the customers requirements might be - from minor local events, public performances, fashion shows to all types of mass concerts and open air festivals.tivals.


In addition to roofing systems, platzhirsch offers high-quality, fireproof roof and side canopies made of certified PVC material. They fulfill all safety norms regardless of the kind of roofing. Standard colors: blue and black. Other colors are also available in the wide range of colors at a customer's request. The side walls and skyline may be covered with the use of scrim.

The roof equipment consists of:

  • Full technical documentation with the instruction manual,
  • Static calculations of the construction,
  • Manual hoists and guy-wires,
  • Security base frame,
  • Tower base extension for ballast fixing electric hoist,
  • Tool box and assembly workers equipment.

Foldable Tents - the best weather protection for your event

Our company serves foldable tent systems for in- and outdoor use. You can order them in different colors and sizes and if you prefer we also print your tent with an individual design.

The main advantage of the tents are, that you can bulit them up in only 1 minute and that we have a large selection of accessories. We ensure that our clients will have a comfortable and unforgettable stay.