Profiled mobile stages – the perfect solution für your event

Mobile stages by platzhirsch are professional stages designed distinctively for the needs of the entertainment industry. They constitute a perfect solution for mass events, from minor meetings to large concerts. The major advantages of our stages are short time of assembly and disassembly and mobility of every stage, which can be used with all equipment in several spots throughout a day. What is more, the stages are universal, devoted to organize an event regardless of the weather conditions. We guarantee free of charge assembly trainings and show assembly for individuals who will handle the stage. In order to ensure maximum security, every stage is equipped with the range of safety.

We have EU vehicle type-approval certificate for the production of trailers and specialized mobile stage certificates and attestations for all used materials. Each product is controlled and tested in terms of its quality and technical features before its delivery to a customer.

Stage platforms consist of three parts: the one is fixed directly to the frame and the two others-movable, folded. The whole unit is made of aluminum profiles covered by non-skid, waterproof, attested plate. The roofof the trailer consists of three parts: the one part that is fixed and the two parts - movable, folded. The whole unit is made of aluminum profiles covered by certified PVC canopy and scrim type (three breathable walls).

There is a possibility of making color logo or an address on the canopy, which gives an additional advertisement. The roof is lifted with the use of hydraulic pump to the maximum height of 6,1 m.

Moreover, the wagon is equipped with the 2 stairs with the handrails allowing the entrance on the stage and protective side barriers securing the sides and back of the platform. Each of the stages is secured by 4 pillars of Quadrosystem certified by TÜV NORD.