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Curtains & rails

It is time for textile decorations for your stage or function hall, which leave nothing to be desired.

A stage is truly completed when having curtains and back drop decoration. Here again our guarantee to fulfill your wishes and requirements. This includes daylight exclusion and of course the perfect rail system for high and heavy curtains- it does not matter if you need rails for hydraulic curtain systems or “slingshot” systems.

Nearly everything is possible.

Ready made-up curtains, darkening curtains and decoration can be delivered in different levels of qualities and colours. All the material that we use correspond to the actual safety precautions and are hardly flammable in accordance with DIN 4102/B1 and DIN EN 13501-1.

You can order curtains in various forms- from cloud curtains up to greek elevators. We arrange for every event and for every taste a suitable atmosphere.