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Portable dance floors and floor coverings

Portable dance floors

Our portable dance floors and floor coverings are robust, easy to install and are the basic for every event in the truest sense of the word. Whether you need a dance floor, a playing field or you simply want to protect your original floor, we help you to make the perfect choice.

The portable dance floor elements (95x95cm) can be arranged in different ways. They can change fastly their floor covering without problems. Therefore the utility of the efficiency and of the space capacity is enhanced.

The specific characteristics of our portable dance floors are:

  • Extreme stability
  • high loadbearing capacity
  • Easy and secure installation
    (No getting caught, no tilting)
  • High fitting accuracy
  • With anti-slip covering
  • Absolutely secure edge protection of the covering
  • No unevennesses in the surface
  • Optional with aluminium edge profile
  • Golden or aluminium anodized

Protective floor coverings
Robust, durable and easy to maintain.

The optimal protection for your floor.

Protective floor coverings can be delivered in different colours and protect sensitive sport floors or precious parquet floor used as multi-purpose room. The low need for stock and the easy laying distinguish particularly these products. The protective covers correspond to the guidelines of the “Regulations on Places of Assembly” and to the “European Standard DF1S2” ( hardly flammable).

You can order of course the perfect storage cart and transport trolleys for the protective floor coverings.

  • Default size 100x200 cm – The protective floor coverings can be delivered in five different colours.

Shouldn´t you find what you need for your event, please contact us by mail, phone or fax. Together we will solve your problem.