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Portable stages and podiums – for every occasion the perfect choice

For many years, the brand “VGM” stands for portable stageplatforms, podiums, tribunes for concerts, shows, events and sport events. It doesn´t matter if you need a plug foot pedestal, a scissor form podium, a retractable stageplatform, a foldable stageplatform, or special podiums made of aluminium, steel or wood- we can deliver nearly anything.

Our products have a strong reputation for their high TÜV approved quality “MADE IN GERMANY”, their 3 years of manufacturer´s warranty, their easy handling and their variety of applications.

Do you need a stage for your event? Do you need a catwalk for your fashion show? Do you need a public gallery, a structure of many tiers for music or singers or do you want your fair stand to be lifted?

Are you planning to extend your already existing stage or do you need stageplatforms with special sizes or forms like triangles, trapezes and roundings?

Then take your golden opportunity at platzhirsch. Our modular stages offer all the possibilities for a professional performance.

Our comprehensive assortment of stageplatforms and supplies make it possible to satisfy every client with the right stage for the perfect event.

Shouldn´t you find what you need for your event, please contact us by mail, phone or fax. Together we will solve your problem.